I AM (Spokenword Poetry) by REZ.

Having been on the road travelling a lot in the last 6 years, with various experiences (the 'good' and 'not so good' ones) and having to constantly remind myself of "the son of who I am". "I AM" as a piece of poetry is born out of this consciousness and experiences.

“I AM” is a spokenword expression that seeks to reinforce and encourage pride in one’s heritage and culture as inspired by REZ's experiences on the road. It also seeks to Introduce (or re-introduce) REZ in a different light to known audiences as well as to entirely new audiences.

“I AM” is off the EXPOSIT (Deluxe Edition) Album which is due for release in the coming weeks.

Having released the EXPOSIT EP in November 2015 (you can listen or download here, the EXPOSIT LP (Deluxe Edition) is a full body of artistic expression which lovers of the arts, poetry and even music will enjoy.

As we prepare for the release of the full album in the next couple of weeks, please enjoy this beautifully rendered Poetry/Spokenword piece along with the accompanying visuals (Lyric Video)

Salam/Selah/Ire o!